About us

The Promotional Society of Museology in the Baltics is an independent legal entity. The name of the Society in Latvian is „Baltijas Muzeoloģijas veicināšanas biedrība”, with the acronym BMVB, while the name in English is the „Promotional Society of Museology in the Baltics”, with the acronym PSMB.

The activities of the Society are based on the „Law on Societies and Foundations” of the Republic of Latvia, as well as on other laws of the Republic of Latvia, associated normative acts and these statutes.

The activities of the PSMB are aimed toward the development of civil society, the promotion of science and culture, and an understanding of the creation of cultural heritage. The Society is active within the territory of the Republic of Latvia, but also collaborates with private individuals and legal entities of the Republic of Lithuania, the Republic of Estonia and elsewhere, including international organizations.

Aims and Objectives of the PSMB

The aim of the Society is the promotion of museological thinking in the Baltic States.

In order to achieve this aim, the Society has put forth the following objectives:

  • to educate museum specialists and the broader community about museums, their activities and development;
  • to integrate museological ideas into the professional environment of the Baltic States;
  • to establish professional collaboration between specialists and enthusiasts in the Baltic States and other countries;
  • to strengthen ties between society and museums.

Activities of the PSMB

  • Organization and coordination of the Baltic Museology Summer School
  • Organization and coordination of national and internationally significant museum events and collaborative projects
  • Organization of continuing education courses, seminars and conferences
  • Preparation, publication and distribution of resource materials and museological publications
  • Consultations
  • Project development and management
  • Collaboration with interested legal entities and private individuals on projects associated with the aims of the Society
  • Economic activities and the attraction of funds through donations
  • Other activities which help achieve the aims of the Society.

We inform you that you have the right to object to placing your own or your minor child's photo on this website by sending an e-mail to: muzeologi@gmail.com. Please indicate the specific photos so we can identify you as a data subject.

Registration No.: 40008154939

Account number.: LV49UNLA0050015288818

Adress: Krāmu iela 3, Rīga, Latvia, LV-1050

E-mail: muzeologi@gmail.com

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